October is the best time of the year to discover, or reintroduce yourself, to the joys, thrills and swoons of audio drama: people in the Northern Hemisphere see the skies darken earlier, and the temperature begins its steady drop. Bundled up in the covers, a warm bed or a comfortable robe, listeners can turn out the lights and imagine themselves somewhere new and exciting.  People in the Southern Hemisphere, too, see the shifting of the seasons, and the approach of a new year: a time, perhaps, to tune in the classic old-time adventure of Escape, or the modern We’re Alive, a survivor story of killer zombies.

Whether its a podcast of a new story line, or an old time radio broadcast saved from the past, tune in this autumn and every autumn to audio drama.

We hope that you’ll enjoy checking out events around the world, from digital releases to regional stage productions, our articles, trivia, and more.